Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ok, that's enough winter ...

Is there anything more hopeful in the world then the Spring time change? Okay I realize that I may be the only one who is this happy to lose an hour in the day in the hopes of more daylight after I get home from work... but WOW it's pretty amazing. It's a real renewal.

I've been doing some sewing (mostly on the top secret project that is in its 2nd year of production... ugh) and a little birthday sewing for the multitude of people who are born in March and who are relatives/friend of mine. I think it's a conspiracy. Just thought I would pop by to this space and post pictures of some finished clutches/makeup bags for my two friends. I like them... probably should have used firmer interfacing to give them a little more structure. Hindsight. Hm.

Pretty though if I do say so myself. I used the "Lacy Clutch" pattern in the STITCH Spring 2010 magazine. It's Rebekah Lambert's pattern, I believe of ArtsyCrafty Babe, a blog I read regularly. Warning, there are some errors in the pattern and attaching the zipper to the lining is less than instinctual but it does work. What doesn't work is placing the final step of putting the shell inside the lining and sewing as directed... you're seam will be on the outside. Trust me. Instead put wrong sides together (lining inside out, shell right side out but placed inside the lining) and that will work.


Shoeless & Barefoot said...

hmm... the green one looks like the colours in which someone I know normally sews somethings for me. Too bad my birthday isn't in March?

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