Sunday, January 23, 2011

Waking up early

Sometimes I wake up in the morning with my heart rate elevated and ideas racing through my mind. I'm not thinking about bills (though I probably should be), I'm not worrying about friends and family (though this might be appropriate), no, I'm thinking about crafting. All kinds of crafting. Sewing clothes, sewing for my home, making gifts for upcoming birthdays, painting or pasteling ... yes, this is what "keeps me up."

It probably sounds a little nuts, but I think this is a sign of my sanity, my happiness, and the relatively charmed life I lead. Oh, you know, everything is far from perfect, but when you can devote this much time and energy to your hobby you know that your life is pretty good.

This morning I'm thinking about the version of the quilted pillow project that I started yesterday. I really love the original design but can't seem to help myself from "customizing" it, or "ruining" it as the case may be.

I started piecing together some scraps from a quilt (that I still haven't finished) to make this pillow for my couch. I hope it brightens the place up a little because winter in Western Canada can be a long haul!


Anonymous said...

Found you! :)

-Le Did.

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