Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Works in Progress

If there is one weakness that crafting brings out in me it's that I have trouble with the finishing stages of projects. Well, actually the finishing stage of pretty much everything. I love conceiving the project, picking the colors, and planning the work but I'm not a fan of tying the ends in, handstitching things closed, trimming the seams ... you know, the stuff that makes the final product look so much better.

I'm wondering if this blog might keep me a little more honest. As I was sewing a seam today, flirting with the idea of not pinning a seam that might need it, I thought to myself "you know, I have to take a picture of this!" And so, I pinned the seam - a major victory for me. Ridiculous. Here's the evidence:

This is my version of the quilted pillow. I'm pretty happy with it so far and it helped me to remember how much I like the look of muslin. Yup, plain ol' muslim shows off these prints beautifully.


Anonymous said...

Good job! Very pretty. A nice fresh look and the green rickrack is a nice touch.

From your favourite stash!

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