Saturday, February 12, 2011

Busy day, full of nothin'

Another Saturday morning that started with ideas flying around in my head even before I managed to get out of bed. On Friday I took a fieldtrip to Fabricland to check out their sale and buy a few notions. There were some good sales and I was able to get covered buttons, a pattern, two pillow forms, and a zipper for under $20. That makes me happy, because I can imagine my craft spending getting a little out of control without too much trouble!

I enjoyed my day at home. I sewed in the morning, made a good lentil soup, lazed a bit, went for a long walk on this unseasonably warm day, helped Josh with his own "craft," and watched yet another episode of The Wire. Wow, that show's addictive. Oh, yeah, and PANCAKE supper!

I bought a zipper for the quilted pillow I was making and I was able to finish the project. Here's the final product, pretty cute, but maybe a little big for it's pillow form.

I also started a new project using some small pieces of fabric from Kyle's Marketplace fabrics (beautiful fabrics with fruits and vegetables). I'm not exactly sure what this will be ... wall hanging? table runner?

Off to bed now, considering a glass of wine ...


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a rather perfect Saturday, all around! I vote wall hanging. Or maybe an apron??? (probably not enough fabric...)

Anonymous said...

Love this! The blend of the fabrics together and the differing widths of the strips especially! I'm appreciating muslin again, too.

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