Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A little personality at work

Sometimes I feel like a complete imposter at work. I'm really not nearly as serious, dedicated, intelligent, or committed as the person I pretend to be at work. I realized that today when I brought in my little homemade coaster for my cube. Funny, it stuck out like a sore thumb ... like, "hey, sometimes I have a life and I do things and they have absolutely nothing to do with my job!"

This may sound like I didn't like the look of it sitting on my desk, but I really did. It just struck me that work can feel so personal and yet be so impersonal simultaneously. Hmm. Deep thoughts.

Anyway, here's a winter picture taken from my "balcony" (I use the term loosely because you would die if you stood on my balcony). A beautiful sunny morning with hoar frost on the trees. I'd flip it, but frankly I don't know how!


Shoeless & Barefoot said...

Oh my goodness, dear sister! I literally laughed out loud at your "I'd flip it, but frankly I don't know how!" comment. I love you! And love your blog, yay!

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